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Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. Check out our artists. You can easily find them on iTunes and Google Play.
Genesis Ritchot

"I want to share this gift with everyone. My voice communicates my inner self with hope to help others."

Levi Hart

Deep in the Hart of Levi lies the soul of Country Music. On Stage, Hart always aims to keep you entertained and wanting more; he never disappoints.

Nayana Kathleen

“My toughest battles, my greatest joys, my scariest stories and the bravest hearts...”

Elle G

“They say that life is not measured by every breath you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away.”

Are you an up and coming independent musician trying to be heard through the noise of an oversaturated industry?
Do you have unlimited potential, but a limited budget?
Are you looking for a reliable way to put your music in front of radio stations, DJ’s, and more?
Then ACEMMG is your solution!

Major Distribution


We offer major market distribution through Sony Orchard and Ingrooved Universal, as well as in-house distribution options.

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Radio Platforms


ACEMG has a direct relationship with BlastFM, a fully licensed internet radio platform with 7 different stations featuring various genres of music.

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World Presence


At ACEMMG, we will help place your music or video in front of music’s top fans, tastemakers, content directors and curators across the globe.

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Available on iTunes

For your listening pleasure, these songs are available on iTunes.

Our mission is to develop educational tools, promote official language artists in minority markets, tutor, accompany and assist artists’ growth, through innovative and promotional services in the entertainment business in Canada, the US and Globally.