Levi Hart

Deep in the Hart of Levi lies the soul of Country Music. On Stage, Hart always aims to keep you entertained and wanting more; he never disappoints.



Artist: Levi Hart

Style: Country


On stage, his energy seems endless and is nothing short of contagious. Currently, Hart is promoting his upcoming and new highly anticipated album titled “Believe “ and critics are already hailing this as something to watch out for. With a deep and soulful sound unlike any other, Hart has been capturing audiences and hearts with his music for more than 20 years now. Coming from a huge family of musicians in the Ottawa Valley, it was no surprise that Hart also follows in the footsteps of his some of his family members. More notably his uncle, singer/songwriter Bob Webb who still makes an impressive dent in the Canadian Blue Grass scene.

Don’t’ miss out on a chance to see this incredible talent live; Levi Hart, coming to a stage near you soon!


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