Nitro Nitra

"No Reciprocity" is a smooth, Caribbean-styled vibe with a throw-back blues feel and a dirty-south "speakeasy" swing.



Artist: Nitro Nitra

Style: Soul


Nitro Nitra, has released her very first independent album, "Unearthed" through US- based label White Lion Audio. The album is currently available for download and streaming on all music platforms worldwide.

In this deep and intimate album, Nitro Nitra takes you on a journey of spirituality, enlightenment and self-love amidst the turmoil of life. Throughout the "Unearthed" album, we, the listening audience, are led from dark spaces towards a true sense of awakening by the time we reach the final song. The highlight tracks of the album are "Cold Cold Soul", "No Reciprocity", and "Pressures On".

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