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Single Release

Nov 15 2019

Schedule Sony release of Worth a Shot - Vanessa Lavoie

«Worth a Shot» was recorded in Montreal, Canada at the Reservoir Studio. Teaming up with Gautier Marinof, a well renowned producer in east Canada, the song offers no drum set, just percussions. As the listener, you will be prone to engage in the beat. Studio musicians included, Sylvain Bertrand as chief conductor, Gregoire Painchaud and Dimitri LeBel-Alexandre for the violin and banjo, Maxime Lalanne on the percussions and finally, Kaven Girouard (Celine Dion’s guitarist) on electric and acoustic guitar. The mix of these extremely talented musicians and Vanessa Lavoie’s powerful voice, brings you an energetic song that will keep you wanting more. With the help of The Orchard and Sony Music, White Lion Audio will be releasing this hit song on November 15th 2019. Tune in for updates.

Stephane Ritchot
CEO - President
Stephane Durette
Logistics Dir.
Jim Richardson Jr.
Promotion Dir.
Shelby Ritchot
Communication Dir.
Jason Wilkinson
Live Producer
Pierre Thibault
Video Producer