Hait has been active in the band scene and toured multiple cities of India since he was 16. A dreamy-eyed kid with the hopes and aspirations to reach the stars; Hait started making music and releasing songs in India which went on to be aired on MTV for weeks but he soon realized he wanted to appeal to a wider demographic, where the music of his genre was more popular and appreciated which is when he decided to move to America.

His team later started pulling some strings and getting in touch with various record labels and artist managers in the US and UK. That’s when his now manager, Kevin Miller, found him. Kevin received some demos from the boy which sounded no different than the current global benchmark of the music industry. Kevin adds, “I found Hait in one of the most unlikely places to find the next pop sensation; India”. While he has always lived there, he grew up listening to a wide spectrum of bands and artists, who have influenced his current sound and style. His music sounds at par with the international quality pop that is loved by the audiences today.”

His first single, “I Wish I Could Hate You”, is a powerful mix of Daft Punk-inspired basslines and vintage pop synths topped with Maroon V-inspired clean guitars to go along with his unique voice.

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