Nita Chawla

An urban girl with a Southern heart and Eastern roots, Nita’s earthy, soothing voice and poetic songs will remind audiences of a soulful Norah Jones, with the depth of Tori Amos and the pop sweetness of Kelly Clarkson.

Born in Mississippi and raised just outside of Washington, DC, Nita began her musical journey at the age of 3, singing Hindi songs with her family. After years of classical piano (and dabbling with acoustic guitar), teenage heartbreak inspired her first songs. In 2007 she started performing at small venues like the local Borders in her hometown (Germantown, MD).

Since then, Nita's gypsy spirit has taken her to many venues around the country and the world such as The Lincoln Theatre, Rock and Roll Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe (Washington D.C.), National Underground, The Living Room (NYC), Room Five, The Fox and Hounds (L.A.), and even international venues like Ronnie Scott's in London, UK.

In a world that's so divided, Nita's upcoming soulful/indie/pop single,Cross The Line is like a poem put to music and a call for breaking down the barriers between us. In a review by Music Gateway, the song is described as a "gentle respite of a pop track" in which the "blend of vocal dominance and simple musicality across the board shows an artist playing to their strengths and successfully realizing a work". The song may be gentle but it brings a strong message of unity and opening up our hearts.

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